When it comes to the bridal outfit, wedding shoes may be one of the last things that come to mind; however, they can be a crucial factor that finish your bridal look and have the power to make or break your overall image. And the hunt for the right bridal shoes can take just as long as picking your perfect wedding dress in the first place. Follow these tips in order to pick your dream pair of shoes that match perfectly with your dress while helping your feet last throughout the day. Let the hunt begin!

  • Comfort

Chances are you will be wearing your wedding shoes all the day, from walking down to the aisle, standing for photographs to dancing in the night, this is why comfort is the key when it comes down to picking the shoes. While an uncomfortable pair of shoes will leave you aching ankles and blisters on the heels, a right one, on the other hand, will make your feet happy and allow you to dance the night away. After all, you surely want to enjoy happiness as newly-weds rather than dealing with heel and ankle pain after the wedding.

  • Fit

Your bridal shoes should not be too big, too small or too tight, either. When trying on wedding shoes, it is recommended that you try on several sizes to find which fits you best. A round or open toed shoes are best options for comfort compared to other shoes as they less likely to cause soreness. Another thing to keep in mind is wearing your shoes a few weeks before the special day and walking around on a carpet floor so that they mould to your foot shape.

  • Height

Bridal shoes come in a variety of heights, from ballet flats to six-inch heels. Since you will be wearing the shoes for full 12 hours, the right height for you will depend on which heel you’re used to be wearing and feel most comfortable in. If you normally wear high heels and can spend hours in them, opt for it! But if you’re not pro in heels and don’t want your big day be spoiled by sore feet, you may want to go for something more practical.

  • Color

The color of your shoes will depend mostly on the color of your wedding gown. Make up your mind whether you want them matching or contrasting in color. A pair of white shoes may work well on a white dress while shoes in different colors with a dress of bolder shades may make more of an impact. Make sure your shoes also compliment subtle details such as your bouquet or your bag, which really enhances your bridal look.

  • Location

It’s a good idea to consider where your wedding will be taking place when it comes to buying your wedding shoes. For a wedding on grass or on a beach, a pair of heels can become tricky since they can sink into the ground easily. Also pay attention to the floor you will be walking on. Is it hard or carpeted? If it’s hard, it can be slippery and so you need to roughen up the soles in advance. The same goes for the dance floor, too. In case it’s carpeted, you don’t need to worry about that problem.