An ultimate guide to choosing your wedding invitation

Your wedding invitation will serve as an introduction to the guests about the place, date and time of your big day and set the tone for the event. Surely you want to make it shine, however, being flooded with endless options, you might end up losing your way and having no idea where to start. It doesn’t have to be like that! We’ve got everything you need to know about that important piece of stationery, helping you narrow down your choice and pick the perfect wedding invitation without getting overwhelmed.

  • Style

Before hitting the stationery shop, envision what type of style you’ll be celebrating on your wedding day so you can decide an invitation style that will complement the overall concept. Whether it is classic romance or vintage glamor theme, your invitation should hit the same note. Get inspirations from Pinterest or other couples’ invitations and give your stationer an idea of how your invitation will look like.

  • Colors

Once you have a style in mind, the next step is choosing the colors to bring it all together. There’s a wide variety of colors to choose from for text, paper, and even envelope. You can pick a white, ivory or cream cardstock together with a gold or black font for formal invitations or play with color by incorporating colorful or metallic hues in the fonts, liners, and envelopes. Whatever your final decision is, just make sure the readability of the invite.

  • Fonts

Depending on the wedding style, you should choose appropriate fonts that reflect the same formality and create a cohesive feeling. If you go for a formal wedding, fonts like Georgia, Times New Roman or Book Antiqua are good options. For a more informal event, opt for typefaces such as Comic Sans, Courier New or Symbol.

  • Shape and Size

Usually, a traditional shape and size of an invitation is a 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card. However, many couples are veering away to modern vibes with square, scalloped and circular invites. While a rectangular invite is classic, a square may feel more contemporary and a circular may bring a whimsical feel. Just choose whatever you like and do remember that bulky or extra-large invitations may cost you more to send.

  • Wording etiquette

When it comes to the right wording for the invitation, make sure to include all essential wedding information such as the hosts, you and fiancé’s name, time and location of the ceremony. Traditionally, the host’s name is placed first followed by a request line like “request the honor of your presence”. The wording etiquette may vary in different hosting situations but be sure you’ve listed everyone who should be included.

With thorough research, the wedding invitation hunting doesn’t need to be a challenge. Just know roughly what you want and keep an open mind so as to get the perfect wedding invitation that suits your need and reflects well your wedding plans while still enjoying the process.