Tips for picking your wedding jewelry

When it comes to wedding planning, brides-to-be often get excited to choose the most gorgeous wedding gowns, however, they have a tendency to consider the jewelry an afterthought rather than a priority. A big mistake! In fact, the jewelry is the key element to complete the elegance of the wedding gown and they have the power to break or make the bridal look if you don’t pick them wisely. Therefore, we have rounded up some tips that you should bear in mind to help accessorize your bridal look flawlessly:

  • Don’t overdo it

Surely you don’t want these baubles and bling outshine you while walking down the aisle. Thus, keep in mind “Less is more” when it comes to choosing the wedding jewelry. Just choose one part of your body and accentuate it with large pieces rather accessorizing every part of your body. For a traditional look, play it safe with an earrings and bracelet combo.

  • Match your metals to your dress

Wedding jewelry comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors; and if you have no idea where to start, let your wedding gown’s color guide your choice.

If your gown is white: this bright hue would match perfectly with platinum, silver or pearl jewelry.

If your gown is ivory: gold jewelry will accompany marvelously with this creamy shade of color.

If your gown is blush: this soft pink color will certainly look best paired with rose gold embellishments.

If your gown is champagne: this very light beige color will look fantastic with gold jewelry.

  • Consider your neckline

The neckline of your wedding dress plays an important role in framing your face and it’s one of the most important factors you should take into consideration when picking the jewelry. Whether your adornment is a bracelet or a pair of earrings, it should pair perfectly with your neckline.

If your gown has a strapless: choose a necklace that has sparkly diamonds but make sure the the necklace lie between the neckline and your collarbone or above.

If your gown has a halter: halter neckline have a tendency to take up space on your neck so you can skip the necklace altogether and focus accessorizing on your hair or your ears with combs, vines, pins or chandelier earrings.

If your gown has a sweetheart: a beautiful drop necklace will help you shine while highlighting this flattering cut.

If your gown has a V-neck: a simple pendant necklace with some short, dangly earrings will be a fantastic way to showcase this classy neckline.

  • Be yourself

Don’t lose yourself during the hunt for the perfect wedding jewelry. After all, the wedding is all about you and that bling should be a reflection of you. If you prefer a pair of studs rather than chandelier earrings, go for it! Just pick what suits your style and your personality. If you feel comfortable and confident in all your jewelry, it will be the best accessory of all.