The Duties of the Bridesmaid

November 25, 2015

A bridesmaid is not simply just another name in the guest list. They should look pretty in their dresses, but that is not all that they should be doing. Most bridesmaids take for granted the duties that they are supposed to be doing. If you ever receive the privilege of being a bridesmaid for a wedding, take the responsibility seriously and effectively. During the whole duration of the wedding planning and the ceremony itself, the bridesmaid helps in a lot of duties and tasks, just like how a maid helps around the house of her master. To give you more idea on the duties of the bridesmaid, here is a shortened list of duties.

  • Pre-wedding tasks. The bridesmaid assists in pre-wedding tasks. Anything and everything that needs to be prepared must be prepared with the help of the bridesmaid. The bridesmaid assists in the organization of the program, ceremony, invitations, and many other trivial tasks.
  • The bride is not the only one who handles the details of the motif. Bridesmaids can also pitch in ideas that may help beautify the event. The accessories that will be worn by all the entourage must also be prepared with the help of the bridesmaid.
  • Bachelorette party. The bride does not prepare her own bachelorette party. The party must be planned together by the bridesmaids. Everything must be organized from the hosting, place, foods, activities, and other trivial stuff. The execution of the bachelorette party is part of the duties of the bridesmaid.
  • A well-organized and well-planned wedding always has rehearsals. It is the duty of the bridesmaid to make sure that the rehearsals take place, to inform everyone that needs to be present during the rehearsal, and to prepare all the necessary things needed.
  • During the wedding day itself, there will be many trivial and small errands. It is the job the bridesmaid together with the other members of the entourage to be participative and assistive.
  • Wedding presents. The bridesmaid also works together with the other members of the entourage in buying a wedding gift to the new couple. It is a show of honor, gratitude, and support in any wedding ceremonies.
  • Emotional support. The wedding day will be a day filled with mixed emotions. Some brides become nervous and stressed out because of all the preparations that is going on. Other brides even become too emotional during the big day. It is the job of the bridesmaid to become an emotional support for the bride. Some words of encouragement and rejoicing can help boost the morale of the bride.
  • Stress bank. Not all wedding ceremonies go according to plan. In fact, most weddings experience difficulties and shortcomings. The setup might get ruined; some guests might not show up; the food might be late; the wedding gown might get stained; and 1000 other things that might get messed up. It is the duty of the bridesmaid to carry all the stress and frustration, so that the heaviness would not directly affect the bride and the groom. The bridesmaid becomes a stress bank.

This duty list is merely the surface of what a bridesmaid should do as a bridesmaid. You might say that it is too much work, but it is worth it. The honor and privilege of being a bridesmaid far outweigh the responsibilities and duties that go with it.