My journey with TGW started this year in Jan and concluded in Aug. TGW won me over with its wide range of gowns and excellent customer service.

TGW was also very flexible in how I could use the package. This was very helpful for me as I could use the dresses in the same package on two occasions instead of having a package for each occasion. I was also very thankful to them as they were not too particular about specific dates to return the dresses as long as it was within a reasonable time frame. I also had a hard time finalising my coloured dress and I was allowed to make changes to my soft booking every time I was there. This kind of flexibility helps a lot and makes me feel less stressed out. I was also recommended to take two kinds of veils along and to decide which one I wanted based on my preference on my wedding day. Also, I could take more accessories along with me. I thought that was rather generous of them.

Overall it is definitely a place I would recommend and I hope that their service remains excellent even after moving to Dempsey. I loved my dresses and thank you TGW for being a part of my wedding celebrations!