How to splurge and save smartly on your wedding

Wedding planning can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to wedding budget. You have to track all the costs to make sure that you’re sticking to the budget. However, your list of the wedding details seems to be endless, quickly draining your wallet and sooner or later you’re going to realize the harsh truth is that you can’t have it all. So how do you know when should you splurge on an item and when it’s ok to get a cheaper alternative? Here’s a round-up of things that you should consider splurging or cutting back:

Wedding Dress Style

  • Wedding dress: SPLURGE

Wedding dress is definitely an item that’s worth splurging on your big day. Since all eyes will be on your dress, it’s crucial to find the one that not only flatters your shape but also make you shine in your wedding photos. Be smart and realistic when shopping your dream gown yet still splurge a bit to get the one you really love.

  • Makeup: SAVE

You may want to go for a gorgeous look but should not look like a completely different person on your big day. Therefore, cutting some corners on makeup by doing it yourself or having a beauty-savvy friend help will save you a ton of money while still making you look good.

  • Wedding veil: SAVE

Chances are that you’ll only be wearing the veil during the ceremony and in a few photos so this is a great place to save the money. There are tons of veils that are less expensive but still beautiful and there’s no need to whip out your wallet for a veil.

  • Wedding shoes: SPLURGE

You’ll be spending hours in these shoes from walking down the aisle to dancing the night away. Hence, invest in comfy shoes is a must. Opt for a pair in metallic or nude shade so that you can re-use them after the wedding.

  • Wedding dress alterations: SPLURGE

Every bride deserves to look her best on her wedding day, so don’t skimp on the alterations. If the gown fits you perfectly, you will feel confident and look beautiful as well.

The Flowers

  • Bridal bouquet: SPLURGE

If you have your heart set on a little high-priced bouquet, it’s worth spending a little extra money on it. Still concerned about the expense? You can cut the corners by having your bridesmaids carry a bouquet of seasonal blossoms instead.

  • Flower girl: SAVE

The fact is that no one will be paying attention to what the little lady is scattering, so why don’t you cut down on this florist expense? Using rose petals or even fabric petals will save you some bucks.

  • Centerpieces: SPLURGE

The centerpieces play an important role in the reception look. Since it’s the place where your guests will be spending most of their time, the table should be graced beautifully. Still looking to save? Then using artificial or in-season blooms won’t make your centerpieces a money pit.

The Reception

  • Music: SPLURGE

Music is always well worth splurging for. It can set the tone for the whole reception and having great music makes the party. Try to hire a professional band or DJ and you will have your guests on the dance floor rather than sending them home after the dinner.

  • Lightning: SPLURGE

Lightning can transform a space, create the atmosphere of the venue and directly influence the guests’ experience. It also draws attention to beautiful décor that you have splurged on. There’s no denying that lightning is really worth the spend.

  • Wedding favors: SAVE

In reality, your guests hardly notice the favors in the midst of excitement and most likely discard them after the event is past. Thus, either cut back on favors or else consider donating to charity on behalf of your guests. Most of them will happy to give money to good causes rather than taking home a bag of chocolate or a mini frame.

  • Photography: SPLURGE

The ceremony and reception go by so fast and the photos are going to be one of the only things that last forever and be cherished for a lifetime. So do your research and pay a little extra money to choose a photographer who suits your style and vision.