• Silhouette Guide

    Ball Gown

    The most regal dress silhouette is timeless and worthy of a fairy tale.

    1. 1A slim-cut bodice trims the waist
    2. 2The full bell shape is breathtaking (and forgiving!)
    3. 3Layers of fabric seem to float down the aisle

    Why Ball Gown?

    This classic wedding dress shape is a love note to tradition. Brides of all body types adore ball gowns because the contrast between the voluminous skirt and the close-cut bodice draws attention to the narrowest point of your waistline. Thanks to its pouf, a ball gown silhouette can help balance a fuller bustline.

  • Silhouette Guide


    You can dress up a slim silhouette with dazzling embellishments or keep it minimalist chic.

    1. 1The cut follows your body's natural shape
    2. 2A sleek design lends an effortless and modern air
    3. 3Long, straight lines have a lengthening effect

    Why Sheath?

    Some sheath gowns fit like a slip dress, closely tracing your body’s outline, while others drape a little straighter, like a column. Both are good choices for petite brides, or those wary of being overwhelmed by lots of fabric. A sheath wedding dress is an excellent fit for a less formal or beach celebration.

  • Silhouette Guide


    The glamorous fit-and-flare silhouette amplifies curves for a sultry result.

    1. 1An elongated bodice hugs your body to below the hips
    2. 2The signature skirt flares out mid-thigh or at the knees
    3. 3The contoured cut emphasizes an hourglass shape

    Why Mermaid?

    The mermaid (or trumpet) is a sophisticated look for brides who crave a little drama. The skirt’s trademark flare can be narrow or wide, sleek or ruffled—and each gives your dress a different twist. Brides with curves love mermaid gowns, but this silhouette maximizes the va-va-voom effect on straighter figures, too.

  • Silhouette Guide


    With its subtle and balanced lines, this classic silhouette flatters every bride.

    1. 1A fitted bodice highlights your narrowest point
    2. 2The skirt flares out gradually in the shape of an A
    3. 3Structured or flowy, it's always easy to wear

    Why A-Line?

    The art of an A-line is in the proportions. Its gracefully sloped skirt skims over your hips and balances the bodice for a look that’s neither top- nor bottom-heavy. The silhouette’s universal appeal makes the A-line an ideal starting point if you’re not sure which silhouette to try on first.

  • Silhouette Guide


    If floor-length isn't your thing, kick up your heels in a cropped hemline.

    1. 1The skirt can be knee-length, tea-length, or in between
    2. 2A leg-baring style works for city hall weddings (or even the reception)
    3. 3Accessories make the look–just think of the shoes!

    Why Short?

    The perfect short wedding dress will help you look elegant without feeling too stuffy. Short styles are fitting for brides tying the knot in a daytime, destination, or less formal ceremony, or for anyone who wants to make a modern statement.