Planning a wedding is one of the utmost tasks you could ever take on. It could be the most significant event in your life, the one you dreamed of since childhood and imagined without even realising it. And as it turns into reality, it’s possible to be plagued by jitters.

Symptoms of Wedding Day Jitters
The closer the big day gets, the more you can experience strange sensations, physically and emotionally. Loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, weight gain or loss, anxiety and frequent mood swings, nervousness, and weakness — all of these can be linked to the emotions of the wedding.

Most of the time, there is no need to worry. You have so much to do and so little time, especially if you have a demanding job, which could also become a potential stressor. Even if you have learned to cope with stress and are an excellent planner, remember that the nervous consumption is much higher, given that it involves you personally, the one you love, and everyone close to you.

You may even have doubts about the event itself. Is it truly happening? What comes next? Is he the chosen one? Clarify that these questions come from stress and fatigue and are not doubts concerning your fiancé before you go any further.

You cannot cut Singapore weddings apart from the ethnic and family traditions that define you. Family plays an important role, and all rites of passage (leaving the nest and integrating into a new family) call upon you additionally.

You have every right to feel overwhelmed. You are neither the first nor the last; therefore, everyone will understand.

Pre-Wedding Preparation
When you first face your to-do list, you may try a panic attack. Budget, venue, wedding dress, guest list, flowers, menu, music, and wedding vows are just some of the challenges you must overcome.

What to do? A first suggestion would be to plan ahead. Set a list of priorities and deadlines for solving tasks. You may also consider the delegation of responsibilities.

If your budget allows, you can use a wedding planning company in Singapore, such as W Singapore or Everitt Weddings. They can handle many of the items on your list for you. Not to mention that wedding planners have one of the most dreaded tasks: they should find solutions for anything that could unexpectedly happen and disturb your celebration day.

If you cannot afford an event organisation company, you can at least call on some companies or vendors specialising in various aspects of the wedding. For example, you can contact florists such as Lilasblooms or Khoocoon to help you arrange your bouquet and decorations as desired and deliver your goods on your magical day.

There are many online or brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore that offer guest favours suggestions so you can choose what suits you best, such as Rachelrax Cakes or A Love Knot.

Some venues can provide you with various services with whom you have to deal no longer personally, such as the tea ceremony.

All these shortcuts can take some of the burden off your shoulders and allow you to relax. But remember, you can’t leave the vital decisions about your wedding to anyone else.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques
Mindfulness involves focusing on the present and accepting reality as it appears without trying to avoid or resist it. Besides the fact that it can help you get rid of stress and anxiety, it displays the advantage of being practised anywhere without additional training or financial implications.

Spend a few minutes in silence with deep breathing. Without responding to them, let your thoughts come and go while you focus just on your breath as it moves through your body. This might assist you in relaxing and resetting your nervous system.

There are a few well-known meditation centres in Singapore, such as the Kadampa Meditation Centre and Nirvana Mind, renowned for their knowledgeable teachers who can support you if you want to reach a state of zen. Mindfulness meditation classes are offered at yoga facilities, like Yoga School Singapore and House of Ascend, allowing students to combine their yoga practice with meditation. Sahaja Yoga Meditation offers free classes.

Balanced Diet and Exercise
Some believe that, in order to reduce stress, it is necessary to fulfil some “guilty” culinary desires, and then they indulge in ice cream, cookies, and chips. They also try to mitigate the effects of poor sleep by consuming too much caffeine. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Studies show that a balanced diet based on vegetables, fruits, and other foods rich in fibre and nutrients stimulates the brain and immune system.

So, if you want to fight wedding jitters effectively, forget the junk food and make a reservation at Original Sin, Cedele, or another healthy food restaurant in Singapore.

Go to the gym or install a Zumba, pilates, or workout app. The workout sessions you can book in gyms such as Gold’s Gym, Flex Fitness, or MyFitnessComrade will not give you stress relief only but also promise you
an enviable figure at the wedding.

Obviously, don’t forget to take time off occasionally from the feverish preparations and treat yourself with a massage or pampering.

Support from Loved Ones
No one is alone, especially when they organise their own wedding. Share your fears, worries, grievances, and emotions first with your fiancé. Obviously, the tasks you’re doing to get ready to spend a lifetime together and plan your wedding can be a dress rehearsal.

Do not hesitate to turn to those close, especially those with some experience, who can give you a hand with deeds, sound advice, or just by listening. You can count on your family and friends no matter what. Don’t wait for them to guess your feelings; express your emotions and ask them out. It will be an honour and a pleasure to provide you with their skills and time.

You must not feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of ceremonies you must follow, and you may have witnessed in your childhood or know about from the stories of your parents and grandparents, but whose meaning and sequence are unknown to you mostly.

If you are preparing for a Chinese ceremony, for example, you should become familiar with some special rituals, such as 梤头, the hair combing ceremony. It might be hard to prepare yourself unless you ask for the support of your older relatives. Not only do they know, but they will be very proud and happy to explain everything to you. Thus, you will be able to be closer to your family’s ethnic and cultural history and identity.

The Wedding Day: Staying Calm and Enjoying the Moment
No matter how many thrills you’ve tried before, the eve and the big day will be the most demanding. It’s really happening, and you’ll want to be aware and enjoy every moment.

It is enough to follow a few rules to be in good shape:
– Get enough sleep.
– Eat properly.
– Prepare your kit ahead of time.
– Don’t leave your preparations for the last minute.
– Rehearse your role, your vows, and your thank-you speech.
– Think that you are one day away from the life you want.

In conclusion, wedding jitters are normal. Share tasks, ask for help with organising, take care of your body with healthy food and moderate exercise, and tame your worries with mindfulness and meditation.

Don’t do everything yourself; involve those around you. And when the moment comes, look your fiancé in the eyes, hold hands, and start the most beautiful adventure together. No matter what happens on the wedding day, no matter how many unforeseen events occur, you will be