As an engaged couple, the wedding venue hunting might be one of the first thing crossing your mind when it comes to wedding planning. It’s the place you will be exchanging vows, gathering your loved ones in a massive party and may set the tone and dictate other factors in the planning process. However, choosing the perfect venue to say “I do” is a little bit tricky since there are major things to consider before you put down any deposits or jump into the first venue you visit. Here are some tips to help you choose an ideal wedding venue that suits you best:

  • Budget

It sounds obvious but before starting drawing up the list of dream venues you should have a ballpark idea of how much you’re happy to spend on a venue. Your budget may shape the style of the venue and the number of guests will be one of the deciding factors of it. Therefore, before you go and visit a venue or even fall in love with it, it’s important to consider whether it falls within your budget or not. Moreover, as the cost have a tendency to stretch, it also worth asking the venue owner any potential hidden costs and be fully informed of the actual hire price.

  • Location

Whether you opt for a destination wedding or a quirky ceremony, it should be a suitable location that your guests can easily get to your chosen wedding venue. After all, that day is all about you but it’s also about your guests. Things like the availability of accommodation, how far your guests are willing to travel and how much it will cost them should be fully taken into consideration. For example, if the location is in a remote area, it’s will be courteous to include overnight accommodation in with your invitations. These things should be planned in advance and budgeted for too.

  • Style

The wedding style you envision for your big day can determine the place you will be holding the ceremony. Consider whether your heart sets on a tradition or a non-tradition venue. Tradition venues like hotels and country houses are well rehearsed at celebrating weddings and you can totally rely on them. But if you go for a non-traditional venue such as galleries or theaters, keep in mind that everything from chairs, tables to lighting will need to be hired in.

  • Visit

Once you’ve rounded up a shortlist of suitable venues, it’s time to visit them in person. When visiting the venues, take notice of little details such as whether there’s air conditioning or how the routes your guests will take. It would be better if you pay a visit while it’s hosting a wedding so that you can see the venue dressed up as it would be on your big day. It’s also necessary to talk with everyone you’d be working with like the venue owner or catering manager to ask them about the flow of the day. This will take the stress off your mind and ensure everything’s on the right track.