You will remember the journey of seeing your wedding dress come together piece by piece, custom made especially for you

Every bride deserves to shine on her big day. You are unique, so is your body shape and so is your wedding. So why shouldn’t your wedding dress be? If you had dream of having a custom-made wedding dress created especially for you but do not know how, and most importantly do not want to blow your budget. The Gown Warehouse is about to turn your dream to reality.

We will guide you along a streamline process of customizing your design and turning the sketch to stitch, all starting from SGD$1500.

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Get to know you

The first step of the process will be about getting to know you—your personality, your taste, your wedding venue and your wedding style. This is a collaborative process. Our wedding stylist will guide you along on the different shapes and styles of gowns. You will have fun trying on the gowns we have in our store for a vision of what may look good on you.

Pick a silhouette

Choose a silhouette that will highlight what you love about your body and conceal your not-so-favourite parts. Figure out which of the five body types you fit in (petite, plus size, busty, hourglass or straight) and then pick a silhouette that is designed to highlight these body shapes.

Pick a Flattering Neckline

The top of your dress is extremely important, as it’ll be the main feature in most of your wedding pictures. Plus it’ll be the first detail people will notice. When choosing a dress go for a neckline that suits your upper body and flatters your décolletage.

Fabric Choice

Hand select your fabric. When customizing your wedding dress, choice of fabric is extremely important. A gown can be totally transformed depending on the fabric you choose. Tulle or organza will create a whimsical dress, a satin gown will look more formal and distinguished, a beaded lace can be look great on a vintage-inspired gown and add just the right amount of sparkle.

TGW constructs your one-of-a-kind, custom wedding dress

Finally, sit back, relax and leave the rest to us. The Gown Warehouse will begin to construct your one of a kind, custom wedding dress. Be assured that time is built-in for regular alterations and fittings, you’ll be amazed by how perfectly the finished project fits your body. You’ll be even more excited by how beautiful you look and feel in a design that was inspired by your own unique style!

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