Common mistakes brides make when shopping for wedding gown

Wedding gown shopping is supposed to be fun yet you may find the whole experience somewhat overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! With a little bit preparation, the finding of your dream wedding gown will be much easier. In order to get a blissful and stress-free experience, you’ll have to avoid these mistakes before hitting the bridal salon.

  • Bringing too many people to the appointment

We all know it’s the most important gown you’ll wear on your special day and you want to rest assured that it fits you perfectly. But a huge entourage means too many different opinions and it’s hard for you to reach a consensus. While everyone wants you to wear something that they like, all you need is an honest, reliable companion who knows you best and can help you get the dress that you want, not what she wants you to wear. Therefore, just bring 2 trusted individuals – your mom, your sister or your best friend- to avoid being thrown into confusion and get the most out of the appointment.

  • Shopping too early or too late

Don’t start the hunt before 12 months in advance. Since your body changes over time and you might be on a diet to lose some extra weight. Besides, you should have the rest of your wedding details arranged before truly shopping for the gown. The venue, the décor and the color you choose for your bridesmaids will influence the style and shade of your wedding dress. Likewise, do not procrastination. Most dresses take anywhere from 5 to 8 months to come in and if you place a rushed order, it will cost you extra money.

  • Trying on too many dresses

The feeling of trying on dress after dress and twirling around like a princess is so tempting but trying way too many dresses might make you lose sight of your vision or forget which dress that you liked best. Stick to under 10 gowns to avoid confusion and prepare a shortlist of styles you love before hitting the bridal studio to help narrow down the list. In addition to this, try to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try on few wild cards which may turn out be perfect for you!

  • Being swayed by steep discount

There’s no denying that sometimes you can find an amazing gown at a bargain price but do not be taken in by a sale. Make sure the gown is not discounted because it’s in poor condition. Before making a purchase, examine the gown carefully to check for any damage, otherwise you’ll end up spending way too much extra money on alterations to fix the sale one and this cost will eat into the money that you saved.

  • Buying a dress you don’t love

Never settle on a dress because someone influenced you to make a purchase or rental instead of going with your heart. If you find yourself liking a dress yet still having some doubts or feel pressured in some way by your entourage or your stylist, it’s fine to go home and sleep on it. If your mind keeps dreaming about it then return at a later point and make the purchase or rental. If your heart isn’t in it, continue the hunt. Only you will know when you’ve found “the one”.

Every bride deserves to look her best on her big day and the hunt for your wedding gown might be rather stressful. With these top listed mistakes, we hope you’ll find your dream wedding dress with ease.