Wedding theme is a way for you and your groom to express your personality, taste and style as well as bring a cohesive feel to the ceremony. However, this stage of wedding planning is never a no-brainer while you are riddled with tons of questions. Classic romance? Vintage glamour? Or rustic chic? With numerous ideas to choose from, you are likely to get lost in endless options available. So we have compiled some tips that will help you narrow down your choice and find a wedding style that best suits you.

Take into account your venue

The venue will act as a jumping off point to set the tone for wedding theme and define most of the styling decisions. Besides, you’ll be spending most of your budget on the venue so it will be nice if the venue and theme match perfectly. So have a clear idea of where you will be holding the ceremony before picking the wedding theme. For instance, if your heart is set on a country house venue, you may opt for a rustic or vintage theme. Or if you choose to get married in a hotel then modern and elegant theme will be a wise choice. Whatever your dream location, make sure the theme will best compliment it.

Consider your both personalities

Don’t pick a theme just because it is trending. After all, it’s what you’re celebrating and it should reflect your both personal styles and tastes as well as remind guests of you when they attend your wedding. Look within and ask yourself what define you and your spouse as a couple? What are your interests, hobbies and passions? Try to fuse what means the world to you both into the theme so as to make it unique and vividly convey your story to your guests.

Take inspiration from your favorite colors

Picking wedding theme color will really help you select an overall wedding theme so let your favorite colors inspire you to do the job. If you’re in love with turquoise, consider a beach theme. Or if you fall for silver or navy blue, an elegant style wedding will be a good idea. Wedding theme palettes come in various options, just choose a shade that two of you mutually love and you’re good to go.

Think of your budget

Another factor that can exert a strong influence on wedding theme decision is how much money you can afford to spend. Some themes can be more expensive than others. For example, a formal theme is going to cost more money than a vintage or rustic one. Therefore, be aware of financial situation before making the final choice.

Remember the wedding is all about you. Feel free to experiment tons of ideas out there and choose a theme that will not excite you both but also be happily embraced by your guests.